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The good bandwidth and customer care made a great hosting service


Bandwidth provided by the hosting service provider. Bandwidth is a measure of data transfer both upload and download by a Website server with the size of bits per second. The size of the bandwidth greatly affects the performance of a website considering the size of bandwidth will always decrease when a website is accessed by visitors. Even if the bandwidth provided by the hosting provider is very limited and the website has been accessed beyond that bandwidth, then the website will not be able to be accessed and raises a warning “Execceded Limit Bandwidth”. Apart from that, you may also try the $1 hosting if you have to save your budget effectively.

Although this does not apply permanently considering bandwidth space will be reset again at the beginning of the month, but this is very worrying for those of you who want the website to be accessed by many users. For those of you who have Website needs that need to be accessed by many users to increase your profit, it is highly recommended to choose a hosting service provider that provides large bandwidth at affordable prices.

Aside from that, don’t forget to learn about a hosting company’s customer service. On the way, even with the best quality hosting or server, a hosting system will not escape trouble or problems. The most common problem is the condition of server access that is decreasing, the server connection is problematic until the server is down due to being accessed by many users at the same time (DOS). The need for customer service to report or process these problems is clearly not a trivial matter.

There are so many cases of Hosting services that provide customer service that is not good to its customers, such as hard to contact if problems occur, problems are not responded immediately, and many others. For those of you who will choose a Hosting service, it is advisable to choose a Hosting service that provides the best customer service system, even if it needs to be available to you 24 hours in full, considering the problems on the Website do not know the time. It would also be good if the hosting service provider you choose provides a complete contact that you can contact if there is a problem.